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Ping My Url

Ping My Url - Add Url. Automatically submit / add your URL to thousands of websites. Each site in our database accepts free listings, and are mainly info, who is, about us, website statistic, site value and search sites with dedicated URLs. (5 days ago)

PING Golf Clothing for Men and Ladies

PING is a premium quality golf clothing range covering mens and ladies golf clothing. The Ping golf clothing range features golf trousers, polo shirts, outerwear, accessories and more. (6 days ago)


At home one evening, Karsten Solheim putts with his first prototype putter head, and the tuning-fork-like construction makes a ?ping? sound when impacting the ball. (4 days ago)

Ping IP Address: Ping Test, Ping Check,

Ping Check - Free online ping utility to ping IP address, server or internet address and then test stability and get response time from IP. (3 days ago)


Ping has had a long involvement in the standards process led by the Web3D Consortium, in particular contributing to the development of the X3D geospatial profile.. Today we're pleased to announce that we are joining the Consortium as an Organizational Member. (7 days ago)

WinPopup LAN Messenger, Net Send

Winpopup LAN Messenger is a powerful communication tool for small to medium groups of users within a local network. The winpopup is an ideal business solution for secure network messaging without the need of a server. (4 days ago)

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Hong Kong Day Tour | Hong Kong Day Trip | Ngong Ping Village

Plan your Hong Kong day trip to visit Ngong Ping Village for a wide array of cultural, dining and entertainment experience away from the hustle and bustle. (3 days ago)

Visualping: #1 Website change detection, monitoring and alerts

With more than 1 million users and a 100% free plan, Visualping is the easiest to use website checker, webpage change monitoring, website change detector and web page change alert software. (2 days ago)

Definition of Ping

a river in western Thailand a major tributary of the Chao Phraya; a sharp high pitched resonant sound as of a sonar echo or a bullet striking metal hit with a pinging noise; sound like a car engine that is firing too early; make a short high pitched sound; contact usually in order to remind of something; send a message from one computer to another to check whether it is reachable and active

Definition of Website

a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web